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Premier Mining Investment Forums
Our premier mining investment Forums and One to One sessions are an excellent platform connecting investors , corporates and Governments and are must attend events for industry stakeholders.

Government Consulting
Lower commodities prices are contributing to significant changes in risk perception from investors . Many countries that depend on minerals production to support their economic development are facing new political pressure to reform policy to remain competitive in current markets. The industry has shifted from growth to consolidation and is becoming more risk averse.

Changing consumption patterns especially with regards China coupled with supply dynamics in the prevailing lower commodity price environment that many projects have now become unbankable and will remain so indefinitely.

The golden rule of commodities , which was overlooked in the exuberant boom times is very much in force in a number of commodities especially the bulk commodities such iron ore and coal, the lowest price producer of a commodity determines the prices.

A combination of increased supply by low cost major producers coupled with weak demand has driven many planned iron ore projects out of business.

High cost producers of many commodities are under severe pressure and many will face temporary closure.

Our Government consulting service is able to work with and advise Governments on successful strategies in this challenging environment and very importantly in planning for the future rebound of the resources sector Mining is a finite resources and we advise Governments on how to successfully leverage their resources to develop and grow the broader economy. Many cities and countries around the world have evolved from a resource base to becoming diversified thriving cities with multiple new sectors well after mining has ceased..

Investor Introduction
We have one of the largest mining investor contact base in the world and we are able to introduce Governments to key prime investors fast tracking development of mining projects , whilst achieving excellent value for partner Governments in the short , medium and long term.

Investor Presentations
We provide a premier platform for Governments and corporates to present to investors focused on the resources sectors . Our events are typically sold out events requiring early booking and with very focused content evidenced by both the presenting companies and Governments and investors.

Investor Roadshows
We work with and and

Mining Reports and Intelligence
We provide access to global mining reports and intelligence through 3rd party partners.Reports include country reports , mineral and sector reports and related intelligence. Reports will be available for sale on our website shortly.

Our Equity crowdfunding platform launching shortly will be an important catalyst in mining investments by allowing larger numbers of investors to pool resources together to fund project and by very importantly providing much needed visibility for high quality early stage mining projects globally. Governments can leverage this platform by utilising their own state and or development banks as lead investors in high quality priority mining projects.
MineFactor would then be able to provide global visibility for that investment opportunity to investors worldwide.MineFactor privides an opportunity for qualified investors to acquire stakes in early stage mining projects globally.www.MineFactor.com